About Us

The two pandas are two cousins and best friends realising their dream of starting their own business.

Karim is an off-roading and camping enthusiast, and Tim is an avid boulderer and adventurer.

Together, the two pandas are launching products they are familiar with: chalk (as a powder, and as a liquid). But the two pandas are nothing if not a bit eccentric. So, the two pandas developed an innovative new product: scented and coloured liquid chalk. At the moment, white unscented, green mint, and pink rose are the launch colours/flavours, but more are in the pipeline.

So, go ahead: grab some of our chalk, chalk up, and get to work!


Environmental Pledge

Climate change and the pollution of our oceans and nature are very serious issues that require urgent attention. Many start-ups leave these considerations till later on in their lives, but at two pandas, the environment is one of the most important factors in our decision-making process and has been since the beginning. After all, it’s difficult to #ExploreTheWild if it’s polluted.

That’s why our chalk balls are wrapped in recyclable paper (not plastic) and packaged in recyclable boxes, and our liquid chalk bottles are recyclable (made from highly recyclable PET plastic). Our care for the environment is also why, unlike our liquid chalk, our chalk balls only come in one colour (in cooperation with our manufacturer, we have determined that it is not currently possible to manufacture coloured chalk powders in an environmentally friendly way).

Taking things one step further, our focus on protecting the environment extends to ensuring our products were not tested on animals (we only test on humans) and are vegan (our bouldering brush has biodegradable plastic bristles, instead of boar’s hair like some competitors use).

Our future plans include off-setting off our carbon footprint and donating a portion of our profits to animal conservation efforts.

two pandas pledges to inconvenience humans rather than jeopardise their future and damage the environment.

  • Tim Al-Ghraoui


    Chief Executive Panda

  • Karim Al-Zalek


    Panda President

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